do i have any followers from india/with indian heritage? i’m sick of making my chana masala. i always wing it from half-remembered recipes from my former indian coworkers/internet recipes. halp me make something better.


Okay okay okay remember hannibal’s line about how time did reverse and the teacup he shattered came back together? Now a lot of people interpret the teacup to symbolic hannibals relationship with Will. Now the teacup metaphor is also in the books but there I interpret it as being a metaphor for…





newperspective-xo said: 

Hm. That is a valid question, though I know they don’t smoke tobacco on set for health reasons.

WAIT WHAT?!?!?!?!?

what the fuck they smoking then??? weed????? hella weed???????????????????? what is going on

"herbal cigarettes" so… natural stuff. at least, they do in america, anyway. 

imagine weed, tho. imagine. 


As far as I know, that’s only true for America/n sets. In England, there have been cases in which actors were treated for mild nicotine poisoning after a smoking scene.

Well! I stand corrected.

also, holy shit. England. England, no. 

this pleases me



It never even occurred to me that other Thomas Barrow fans might have “Thommy” blocked on Tumblr Savior. *weeps big salt tears*

Or that some people don’t want to take the time to do so and complain about it in the tag. Not even sorry.

pretty sure the original post wasn’t tagged with anything, and, like her, i can’t have tumblr saviour because my computer is a huge chunk of crap.



i just don’t like “i ship thomas x happiness” in a response to someone being like “i ship crowbarrow” or “i ship thommy” or “i ship thomward” 

like when someone is saying “i’m sad because i ship this thing” and the response is “well I ship Thomas/happiness” it’s like



but I really don’t mind it as long as I don’t get the distinct impression that it’s someone like gloating. I don’t like it when people are talking about their ship (ANY ship even ships I don’t ship) and people who don’t ship it bust in with an unnecessary comment

like if you don’t ship it then that’s fine but stay out of the conversation you don’t need to put your two cents in its unnecessary 


um excuse me but i ship thomas x porridge and you know i don’t think that ship is being respected by the fandom

true fans ship thomas/toast, fan rule #1